Whether you want to grow your business or grow your career, the person who tells the most effective story gets the job. People do business with people they trust. Making a buying decision is risky. People who can succinctly illustrate “What’s In It For Me”, will profit more often than people who sell via facts. My interactive workshops are just that; you work.

Marketing through Storytelling = 2 days

I’m not OK you’re not OK but it’s OK (team building) = ½ day

Storytelling for Presenters at conferences = multiple days depending on topic

Storytelling to get hired = ½ day plus 2 hour long individual coaching sessions

Storytelling and Sustainability = 12 hours


NCSU Sisterhood Banquet
Zebulon Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet
Zebulon Car Classic Entertainer
Transamerica Reinsurance Charity Luncheon
Home Medical Equip. Christmas Party
Wake Medical


NCSU “Storytelling for Sustainability”
Raleigh Parks and Rec. “Storytelling to Get Hired”


“Robin Kitson is a dynamic knowledgeable presenter. She prepared a custom workshop for our office at NCSU. It included group exercises and a logical progression. We learned how to incorporate storytelling in our outreach presentations. Our presentations are enhanced due to the time we took to learn about storytelling as it applies to selling the ideas that encourage sustainable actions by faculty and staff at NCSU.”

-Tracy Dixon, Director, University Sustainability Office

storyteller Robin Kitson
storyteller Robin Kitson
storyteller Robin Kitson