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Ruby Bridges had a friend, but she didn’t know her.

Robin was a freckle-faced blue-eyed child in foster care who shouted as loud as anyone until she saw Ruby. While she didn’t know the child’s name she knew evil was all around them both. A voice inside my head said, “Never will I act like this again.” Nov 14,1960 in New Orleans LA, changed my life. I know now all the politics that went into that day and the history that preceded it. That day changed my life forever.”


  • Storytelling to get hired, a raise or sell ideas
  • Storytelling and Sustainability
  • Telling Family Stories
  • Storytelling in Higher Ed.
  • Storytelling for Civic Events
  • Tall Tale Crafting
  • Books to the Stage storytelling for librarians
  • Stories for the Conference Speaker

“I really enjoyed watching the kids create art and hearing the stories. Throughout the stories, the storyteller Robin Kitson had a great ability to hold the children’s interest. Not only did the storyteller keep the attention of the young children but also of the college students who attended. I will definitely be attending next year as well!”

-Student of Alice Arnold, Professor at ECU, Greenville NC

Workshop descriptions

Storytelling to get hired
Learn how to take the good and not so good and craft a very short story to answer the hiring question “Tell me about yourself.” When all other things are equal, the person who tells the best short story will allay the normal fear of hiring the wrong person. The person who tells a story about their uniqueness, perseverance, problem solving, and cooperative spirit gets the job every time.

Storytelling and Sustainability
Indigenous Stories from the world are the basic building blocks of care for Mother Earth. Folktales, while not scientific, can start a conversation and teach lessons on how to move forward while the climate changes. My work life spent in Energy Conservation and Energy Engineering can help students with specifics of what they can do to help the earth in its time of need.

Telling Family Stories
Family Stories are important to the continuity of your family history. Learning to tell family stories can bring together the generations. You will learn the basics of story formation. We will find the bits and pieces of your family history to make a story. When finished, you will have a polished tale to bring the warmth of family connections to the generations of tomorrow.

Storytelling in Higher Ed.
Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to influence, teach, and inspire. Stories convey culture, history, and values that unite people. Students will learn how to craft and tell stories. We can concentrate on any field in higher education. Engineering, English, Chemistry, Art, Math, Languages, Elementary Education, Women’s History, World Folktales and Social Sciences, to name a few.

A Woman in Engineering
How I went from no prospects to Community College which enabled me to quadruple my income and get out of poverty.

I was the first female Power Plant Electrician, Meter Technician, Energy Analyst, Energy Manager and Energy Project Manager for the military. My story can give hope to anyone struggling in school and help them see a bright future not yet experienced. Students will learn what it takes to be the first and how to stay employed when “they” don’t want you in the workplace.

Crafting a Tall Tale
Students will learn how to take an ordinary event that is true or at least possibly true and turn it into a funny tale that makes the teller memorable and helps the audience laugh like crazy. We will start with the basics of crafting a story and move from there to the tall tale realm in storytelling.

ADD and Me
Over a lifetime of work I had no idea what caused me to misplace things, not shut cabinet doors or car doors for that matter. Being told I was not exactly up to par made me search for ways to improve over and over again. Nothing I found worked. It was not until I almost drove down the highway in my daughter’s van with my grandson all buckled in with the van door wide open that I went to a neurologist. I learned I have classic Attention Deficit Disorder and am highly auditory and very low on visual details. Not being normal all those years took a toll on my self-esteem. Once I found out how I processed information I kept auditory notes and the world got better. I also learned I have Synesthesia which gives me a constant series of pictures in my head and makes me see numbers and time in 3 dimensions. Once I learned all those things and found storytelling as a profession, life got much better. Storytellers need to scan while they talk and spot that one audience member is lost. ADD helps me find the person while synesthesia gives me a new picture to help them move back into the story.


“I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Kitson’s storytelling. She immediately engaged the audience, which was full of a wide range from preschoolers to adults, and kept their attention through her entire presentation. The stories were directly related to the time period we asked her to share with our group, and she also showed the children the books from the library and encouraged them to go to the library and read stories on their own.”

-Parent, Tapestry of Grace Homeschool Coop, Durham NC

storyteller Robin Kitson
storyteller Robin Kitson
storyteller Robin Kitson