Robin E. Kitson has been telling stories for over 20 yrs. She is known for her personal tall tales, civil rights and women’s historical stories, Cajun folktales, motivational stories, and international folktales.

“I tell Stories That Polish Your Heart”

You see when you were born you thought you were “all that”. You giggled at yourself, played with your toes, dirtied your diaper, and blew spit bubbles. People loved you, they changed your diaper and smiled at you. Your happy little heart shined like gold all the time.

When you got a little older, you reached for something and suddenly your little hand got smacked and you heard “NO”. In that instant, a bit of rust covered your heart. While it still shined, its’ shine was not quite as bright anymore.

Then you went to school. In school, you heard “color inside the lines”, “not that way, this way”, “no that’s wrong”.  Though they helped you get it “right”, your heart grew more rust. Its shine was much harder to see.

By the time you got out of high school, your heart was covered in a protection of rust so no one could hurt you anymore and that shiny heart did not shine not even a little bit.

storyteller Robin Kitson

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What you need is a storyteller to remind you who you are

My stories take you back to when you were that tiny little kid blowing spit bubbles and sucking your toes. Your heart hears a story and it smiles. It remembers who you really are. As you listen your heart swells and swells and suddenly BOOM that rust flies off and your heart shines again. My stories remind you that you ARE still “all that”.

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Robin offers programs for groups of 10-1000!

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“Robin is a really amazing storyteller. She entertained a group of children, five to eleven-year-olds, with several fables that would be appropriate in schools, churches, and civic groups. I was most impressed with her ability to get the children actively participating in the storytelling through repetitive phrases and asking questions that really engaged the children in the story. She managed a group that can be highly talkative and energetic like a pro!”

-Libby Stephens, Pullen Memorial Baptist Church


Robin did a fantastic job during a video chat with two different classes!

Her stories tied in perfectly with our curriculum and she was able to captivate her audience of 2nd graders and staff members with her engaging version of the stories.

-Lucy Brooks
Clinton, TN