Whether you want to grow your business or grow your career, the person who tells the most effective story gets the job. People do business with people they trust. Making a buying decision is risky. People who can succinctly illustrate “What’s In It For Me”, will profit more often than people who sell via facts. My interactive workshops are just that; you work.

Marketing through Storytelling = 2 days

I’m not OK you’re not OK but it’s OK (team building) = ½ day

Storytelling for Presenters at conferences = multiple days depending on topic

Storytelling to get hired = ½ day plus 2 hour long individual coaching sessions

Storytelling and Sustainability = 12 hours


ECU 2008-2014
NCSU Sisterhood Banquet 2012
Zebulon Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet 2012
Zebulon Car Classic Entertainer 2009
TransAmerica Reinsurance Charity Luncheon 2008
Home Medical Equipt Christmas Party 2005